Love and Support 

Love and Support Anon: When my son became unwell, I felt so supported by Imogen & Andy. You both held me up.  You both ‘Hugged’ me and cared for me when it was a heartbreaking  time for my family and I. There is much love & support at the carers group. It has helped me enormously

Yvonne’s story 

Yvonne's story ‘Hello my name is Yvonne my daughter tried to commit suicide she is 18. I’m sorry for crying, all I do is cry, I don’t know what to do, I feel so alone , I’m lost, I guess I just want to get help for my daughter and I am not a

Carers Story

Carers Story My story is much like other carers but my job is also a home carer for an agency we care for old or dying mainly bedbound people also people younger with disabilities  the job in itself is very hard mentally and physically but also very rewarding when you’re able to help people who

Carers Support Volunteer – Pat

  Carers Support Volunteer – Pat “It is my pleasure to help and support wherever I can for all these wonderful people because I have been a carer myself and fully understand that that they so often get overlooked and forgotten by so many in such a way that they accept their caring role above

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