Yvonne’s story

‘Hello my name is Yvonne my daughter tried to commit suicide she is 18. I’m sorry for crying, all I do is cry, I don’t know what to do, I feel so alone , I’m lost, I guess I just want to get help for my daughter and I am not a carer. Those were some of the first words I blurted out at the carers support meeting I attended 5 years ago.

At that time I felt very alone. I didn’t understand Mental health, diagnosis, dual diagnosis or even recognise that I was more than a mum I was a carer to my daughter I remember the Carers support group delivered by Mind in Bexley Andy and Imogen and all the group were very kind compassionate and supportive. At that time we listened to each other’s journeys and we all began to heal together.

I felt safe, I could tell it as it was good or bad, people took me under their wing and we had tea coffee and cake. They instilled in me an understanding of mental health and where and whom to seek help from when of course the person you care for will accept it. I learnt I could run around all day seeking help and advise but if my daughter wasn’t ready for it I could not make her go or do anything after all she’s not a child she’s an adult. I learnt it’s alright to not be alright.

We are all in this together

And what we see, hear and say here stays here.

I urge anyone who feels as I did to take the first step and reach out you will be surprised. You will receive a warm welcome.