Optyma security staff in Bexleyheath presenting a cheque to Mind in Bexley

As a business deeply rooted in the community, Optyma Security Systems has recently demonstrated its commitment to its local area by generously supporting Mind in Bexley.

Optyma is based in Bexleyheath and was first established in 1987. With a keen awareness of the challenges faced by individuals in the community, the company was drawn to Mind in Bexley, recognising the services the charity offers to Bexley residents in need of support.

Over the past few years, Optyma has actively encouraged its staff members to utilise Mind in Bexley’s services, ranging from counselling to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The positive experiences and support received by both employees and the company itself further solidified their belief in the importance of our mission.

(Pictured are Optyma staff presenting a cheque for £6,000 to Mind in Bexley)

Dionne Fuller, Optyma’s HR and Internal Business Manager, said: “As a local business we are very keen to support a local charity that operated within the community that we work in. We are aware of Mind in Bexley and the fantastic services they offer to those individuals that might require support.

“Over the past couple of years, we have previously signposted our staff members to Mind to use the services on offer and were delighted with the support that was provided. Additionally, a colleague and I also had the opportunity to attend the Bexley Menopause Event (organised by Mind in Bexley and APL Primary Care Network), hosted at the Marriot Hotel in Bexleyheath. This amazing event had a number of guest speakers who focussed on raising much needed awareness, guidance and support around this subject matter to all those in attendance.”

Recognising the critical role played by the Mind in Bexley’s Community Pantry, Optyma Security Systems has also directed its support towards addressing the pressing issue of the current cost of living crisis. The company understands the significance of assisting local residents who may be struggling to afford essential food items. Optyma is proud to pledge its commitment to supporting the Pantry throughout the coming year.

Looking towards the future, Optyma Security Systems is not content with merely providing financial support. The company is actively exploring additional avenues of assistance, including the formation of a small team of staff tasked with generating fundraising ideas for 2024. Recognising the importance of hands-on involvement, Optyma is also considering staff volunteering as a means of contributing to Mind in Bexley’s mission.

As Optyma Security Systems takes these strides to make a positive impact on the local community, it sets an inspiring example for other businesses to follow suit. By combining financial contributions, active engagement and a commitment to addressing the area’s pressing needs, Optyma demonstrates the power of businesses to be a force for good in the community.

You can find out more about Optyma on their website at: www.optyma.co.uk