The Open Spaces project

About Us

Mind in Bexley green spaces project aim to improve mental health and well-being by offering individuals the chance to get involved in a range of conservation, food growing and gardening tasks at the Mind in Bexley allotment. Our project work to support people to truly reconnect with themselves, with others and with the natural world. Our project is open to anyone with direct experience of mental distress; you do not need to have a formal diagnosis.

How can green spaces improve my mental health?

With nature, with green space, you can re-establish a bond with your own peace of mind.

People join green space programmes for all sorts of reasons and one person can get something completely different out of the same activity as another person. However, there are some common benefits associated with Green spaces and its combination of outdoor activity and nature. People who have attended our green space programme have reported that it has:

  • reduced stress levels
  • reduced depression
  • improved self-esteem
  • given the opportunity to meet different people
  • provided varied and interesting activities to get involved with
  • helped to learn new skills and so boosted confidence
  • improved mental health without focussing on it
  • built up resilience
  • Gently boosted level of physical activity
  • been really enjoyable and fun.

Those who attend Open Spaces are able to access the following :

  • Introduction and guide to a successful allotment – Monthly tips throughout the year for each month, interactive step by step guide how to grow fruit & vegetables.
  • Guide to Sowing Seeds – Learn how to sow seeds and fill your garden with a feast of flowers throughout the year.
  • Herb Garden for beginners – This workshop covers growing your own herbs, gives you simple tips on how to grow, care for and harvest 15 different herbs.
  • Pick & Pack to sell produce – Interactive workshop will include step by step guide on how to pick produce, and how to pack to sell as part of Mind in Bexley’s social enterprise.
  • Environmental Gardening: Creating Containers and Maintenance – Get smart about using water in your garden. Creating containers and maintaining them. Planting in containers is a great way to create displays that you can move around to suit your mood. Plants in containers do require more care than those in gardens, join our workshop, you will find it easy with some advice.
  • Encourage wildlife to your garden – Join us to find out how to make are a few small changes you could make to the way you manage your garden that can bring major benefits for the creatures that call it home.

To join us

If you are interested in accessing Mind in Bexley Green Space Programme to improve your mental health please contact Mind Recovery College

If you would like to support our Open Space Project and become a volunteer, please complete the volunteer online application form.