A new way to make referrals to Mind in Bexley servicesScreenshot of the Mind in Bexley website featuring the new Limbic assistant

We have partnered with Limbic to make accessing our Mind in Bexley services easier. Limbic has served more than 280,000 users across the UK and is currently used by over 40% of NHS Mental Health Clinics.

When people visit the Mind in Bexley website, the Limbic Self-Referral Assistant appears and greets them. The Self-Referral Assistant guides users through the referral process for all services in a friendly and easy-to-use way. The system is optimised for the visually impaired and the text can be made bigger and contrast altered to make the questions easier to read.

Once referrals are received by the Mind in Bexley team, staff have everything they need to follow up with the person and plan the next steps of their support. The chatbot is live 24/7 and all year round – freeing up many hours of staff time to offer support to Bexley residents.

You can now refer yourself to our Mind in Bexley services by simply clicking on the ‘Self Refer’ link and you will be guided through the referral process by our friendly Limbic Self-Referral Assistant.

If you would prefer, you can still self-refer in the traditional manner, via our standard website referral form: here

If you have any questions about using Limbic or the referral process, call 0208 303 8932 (option 1). Please note this is not a crisis helpline.

Or you can send an email to: info@mindinbexley.org.uk