Revival Kent

Café Revival is our social enterprise and is the only specifically Mental Health focused community café in the locality of Bexleyheath and Whitstable as part our of work in East Kent.

Our retro themed little café playing vinyl on double decks has been a welcoming space for the entire community, the opening and welcoming ethos provides a space for everyone, with our ‘Happy to Chat’ initiative and empathetic staff, Revival also offers informal support with the aim of helping to reduce the risk of mental health crisis and breaking down the barriers created by Mental Health Stigma and lack of awareness and creating referrals into Mind services. The Bexleyheath has diversified into a community pantry during lockdown.  We are in the process of setting one up on Thanet which should be open shortly.

We had so many plans to expand and develop our mental health services within our new location at the Horsebridge Art Centre and these are now all under threat. Please refer to our social media platforms for updates.

Revival Governance structure

Whistable11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, CT5 1AF