Joanne Mind in Bexley Volunteer for Revival Cafe and Mentoring Project

I have been a volunteer in the Revival Cafe since July 2019.  I really enjoy working in the cafe as it is a bright, friendly, welcoming and happy space.  We always have the vinyl spinning and customers are encouraged to choose some music so that they feel part of the cafe.  We have lots of returning regular faces which is nice as you can really get to know people and have a good chat, which is what the cafe is all about.  Claire, who runs the cafe, is really lovely and the food is amazing too!

Since lock down, I was asked to phone a couple of people who needed a regular call each week.  I just needed to make them feel that they weren’t alone and to listen to them and hopefully make them feel less anxious and have a positive influence.  During this difficult time, there are so many people who are really struggling and it was nice to feel that I may have made a difference to their well being.

I love Volunteering and would encourage anyone who has a few spare hours to volunteer as kindness really can make the difference to your own and others happiness! 😊