Why am I volunteering? 


I’ve been a volunteer for Mind for about 14 months. I wanted to give something back to people that were struggling and I felt that my experience as a therapist and Mindfulness teacher/ trainer would be useful and helpful. 


I became aware that this was my time to give back beyond myself, not materialistically or financially but in time, energy and being supportive to people that need it.  


 What do I enjoy? 


I enjoy being a listening ear each week and I enjoy how our relationship as mentor/ mentee has grown. I love hearing how that are taking on board some of the techniques we have discussed and they have implemented them into their week 


Why has volunteering helped me? 


I know that organisations are stretched and having volunteers massively helps to reach more people. I thought volunteering for Mind would also teach me something about myself and I would learn something from my mentees as I always think that we can grow and learn as an individual. 


Why should others try and volunteering? 


I think others should try volunteering because we all have experienced situations in life where we can support others. It’s rewarding knowing that you’ve given your time to listen to someone else who is struggling. I believe in giving back.