Volunteer Story

About 6 years ago I was struggling with my own mental health, often didn’t feel worthy and always felt in low moods and was very unhappy. Our own mental health and wellbeing is so important as we know. To change the way, I felt pretty much daily, I had to be open to change and grow as a person, thankfully this is me. I started seeking personal development from 2015 and still on that self-development journey, it takes time and that is ok, it is important to be patient and to keep going. As a therapist I work with children who struggle with their mental health. I am so passionate about mental health and supporting anyone struggling whether they are a child or adult.

So this is why I reached out to volunteer for Mind in Bexley to give back to society and help people who are struggling, because I believe everyone should have a chance in life and I am passionate about sharing how this can be done. From starting and continuing my own self development and mindset journey, I see the real benefits of having a growth mindset and how this has had a positive impact on me turning my life around. I know it is important for our wellbeing and I know with the right support people can make positive progress in their life.

As a therapist I normally see children in person, but this is not happening, and I have had to adapt to seeing them via zoom. There are great advantages during this time with the access we have with technology and being able to connect with people. It is different than in person, but in times like this we must accept and go with what we can. I really enjoy connecting and speaking with people whether that is in person or via technology. So, supporting my mentees over the phone I feel is a great opportunity rather than having nothing. It is different, as communication comes with different aspects and being on the phone, we can’t see the body language of the person we are communicating with. But I am really enjoying supporting them. I seemed to have been getting good feedback, that they are glad I called, spoke with them and I had been helpful. Sometimes you can hear a slight positive shift in the way they are communicating on the phone, in the tone of their voice.

During this difficult time, it can affect us in different ways, at different time and for different reasons. Not one person is the same as another. I have days when I struggle, but as I am growing as an individual and my business, I have been busy, motivated and keeping myself going. From the work I have done on myself over the years, I know from my self-awareness if I am struggling with my day and mood. But where I have been working on this for a few years, I know the things that help, and I get up and do it. I am always reaching out to people who inspire me, I meditate, exercise and I really connect with my breath, thoughts, feelings and sensation in my body.