Recovery College Volunteer Story

I was referred to Mind in Bexley by Oxleas after suffering a spell of Anxiety and Depression. I attended the Confidence Group that ran for 8 weeks and was delivered exceptionally well by Christine and Alan, I found it to be very beneficial.

After completing the course I decided I wanted to give something back to the community, so I made contact with Mind in Bexley and the timing was great ! A 3 week course was to begin for volunteering. I attended the course and knew that is what I wanted to be, a volunteer to support men in times of distress. I have Lived Experience of many difficult times which I have come through and am here to share my experience and listen and support others, again this course was delivered exceptionally well by Pauline and Imogen.

I still suffer with the Anxiety and Depression but am in a better place where I can manage this.

I speak to clients that have been referred to Mind in Bexley (just like I was), listening to and giving support and signposting where I feel to be beneficial.

Also we have set up a Men’s Zoom Talk on a Tuesday which is going really well, giving everyone a chance to meet and engage if they want to.

Men seem to be opening up a lot more now and have feelings and emotions too.

Together we can all make a difference. Let’s make Mind in Bexley the place to go to !