Recovery College Bexley Prospectus

Recovery College Prospectus Summer Programme July – September 2019
At Mind in Bexley we set up a Recovery College in June 2014 to empower people with mental health problems to become experts in their own recovery. The workshops and courses we run aim to provide the tools to make this happen and to help you become an expert in your own recovery or that of someone you care for.
We follow the four phases of learning in our curriculum. That means our products follow these concepts as a roadmap to learning:

  • Explore: Students discover a concept
  • Learn & Practice: Students apply their discoveries
  • Reflect: Students review what they’ve learned
  • Reinforce: Students apply theory, concepts, and materials to scenarios and problem solving

The Bexley Recovery College is open to Bexley Residents over 18 with lived experience of mental health challenges and their loved ones. The College is also open to people who work or volunteer within the Bexley Borough.
Core Principles
We aim to run courses that are co-produced and co- delivered by those with lived experience of mental illness and by mental health practitioners. Lived experiences highly value and complement the clinical and professional expertise already offered by Mind in Bexley.
Please speak to a member of the Recovery Team on 0208 303 5816 (Option 1) if you wish to enrol.