Rebecca’s Blog

Firstly a bit of background. Before corona, I was only managing to leave the house on a Monday for Minds woman’s group. Boom corona struck, I suddenly felt trapped inside my house. Everyday was the same, wake up, worry, loneliness, boredom, blah !

Then I found Minds zoom groups, yes the first few were terrifying! Will anyone talk to me? Do I look a mess on screen? What if I’m asked a question and I can’t get any words out. But I did it and it just may be the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve joined like nearly every group (not allowed in the men’s groups lol). I have learnt so much from the courses like dealing with depression, stress and anxiety, positive mindset and been inspired by the other members stories. I’ve planted seeds and I am now seeing shoots grow from my pots that I planted with the grow your wellbeing group. Doing the meditations, Pilates, tai chi and move your mood not only is it making me healthier but 3 weeks in I feel stronger (I’ve already fallen over on camera, so you won’t be the first). I’ve only gone and actually finished craft projects, inspired from the Make Mend and Motivate. I start the week setting goals in goal setting group. Then on the Friday I’d attend the prepare for the weekend, so I’ve got set things to achieve. My life truly rocks right now but that doesn’t stop bad things happening. I lost someone last week, my heart was broken.

Thankfully I called the Mind wellbeing line (0203 912 0048 9am till 6pm) and spoke to a lovely lady she got me through the initial pain, then I got my weekly check in call, also set up by mind and we chatted for a whole hour. I’ve been attending creative writing which gave me the confidence and knowledge to write a beautiful good bye poem. Then lastly there is the peer support let it out group. Me and everyone who joins laugh and laugh and laugh all together, there’s so much support and friendship. I can not thank enough Mind and their staff, the volunteers and every single member that takes that brave step. You all rock.