Hey all, Tim here!
Thank you in advance for sharing my journey to cycle 1000 miles in June, hopefully doing this in 10 x 100 mile bike rides (we will see how my body holds up!)
After years of suffering with depression, anxiety and just not being happy with who I was, I decided that I had to make a change. The issue was I worked on my body thinking “If I have the looks, I will be much happier”, this was so far from the truth. I am now a true believer that the mind and the body come as one and in order to feel better in myself I also had to focus on my mind.
The reason I am raising money for Mind Bexley is because they do such an amazing job pulling their resources to help others and they could do with the support too! I want to show that with amazing mental fortitude and a bit of help you can really achieve anything!
Look after your mind and your body then anything is truly possible!
If you would like to support me on this journey please donate here: https://bit.ly/3tgn1QN