Mind in Bexley Carers Experiences

Anon: ‘At the point of first contact with the Mind Carer’s Service, I can only describe feeling physically and emotionally at perhaps the lowest point in my life. My physical health had suffered massively in the preceding years, including two operations in the previous year that had been triggered by stress related inflammatory illnesses, and I could feel myself slipping along a similar physical decline due to the trauma and distress of too many painful things happening around me, the impact of which was having a potentially catastrophic domino effect on my capacity to cope with any of it.

Receiving support from the Mind Carers Service for the first time in far too long, someone had finally noticed the extent to which I was so busy looking after everyone else, that I barely even realised how deeply I was already slipping into an extremely deep dark abyssAs I stumbled around, lost in a fog of tears and emotional chaos, it was the support that found me, invited me into the warmth and compassion of caring for carers, and kept me very much at the centre of all my stories and traumatic events, validating my experiences, and showing me that it was ok and I was ok​.

  The support helped me reconnect with time for myself, enjoying nature, finding things that made me smile. It also offered lots of practical support and guidance using different techniques to help me sleep, gathering information about other community resources, and reminding me and reassuring me that I would get through this, and of course they were right. It has been without a doubt, the opportunity and encouragement to shift my focus back towards my own needs, and taking better care of myself that has enabled me to weave together the incredible advantages of so many different aspects of health, taking me on a very much more of a holistic journey than I have ever been able to take before, helping to heal my mind not just my mind and body, but also me and this has been life changing. 

With hindsight it is now really hard to look back and try to and recognise how long this had all been brewing by the time the Mind Carer’s Service first became involved, or more worryingly, how much worse things might have become if I had not received this support when I did, but I shall remain deeply grateful, and continue to carry the warmth and wisdom of each of those caring words and intentions as part of my own intention to try and find the same kindness and compassion for myself as I give so freely to those I care for.

With the deepest of gratitude for all you have invested in helping me on this incredibly powerful journey, for always believing in me, and my capacity to get there, and for enabling me to find and care for me.’

Anon: ‘I am so grateful for the Mind services. It has been a lifeline and helped me deal with some very complex issues relating to my father’s mental health. They have allowed me to devise some great coping strategies during times of crisis.

At times, dealing with unwell loved ones can be overwhelming and stressful. Mind services allow me to work through these feelings and empowers me to feel more positive emotions.

 If I hadn’t been able to access Mind Carers Services, I do not think I would have been able to cope with my Dad’s mental ill health and this would have impacted very negatively on my own. The support the carers group gives has helped me support my Dad in the best possible way.’


Blog from a carer caring for her cousin who has Schizophrenia – https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/your-stories/caring-for-the-carers/