Drawing during lockdown

I planned to start drawing after the lockdown but a member of my family brought me art materials and paper to start drawing at home. I used to draw when I was younger, so it is not new to me.

It is a long time since I have done any drawing. As you can see in the photos it took me a few goes until the drawing was the way I wanted it. I did not mind this, as the process helped my head and my mental health. It also kept me calm and peaceful and stopped me from stressing.

After the lockdown I plan to go to Art classes with the help form Mind.

It was a lady from the Crisis Cafe that asked me if I liked drawing. She gave me the idea to start drawing again. I will continue to draw after lockdown.

I do not mind the challenge of it as I like the way it helps me-I know I can do it. It does not frustrate me at all, just leaves me peaceful and calm.

I have learned to take a step back from the drawing to check on the drawing. I get there in the end, the way I like it. I am not bothered if others do not like it. It’s a personal thing to me.

I drew a dragon, I was trying to show people comes in different sizes, shapes and colour, whether bad or good day”

Sally, Recovery College client