What helped me during lockdown

Who I am:

I’m Nicki, I’m a mum of 2 grown up girls, I have 2 step children. I am married. I am a Creative Arts Therapist working in schools and privately. I am also a parent and mindset mentor, offering support for parents to have a positive relationship with their child and for individuals to change their mindset to live a fulfilling life.

How I have felt during lockdown?

During lockdown I have had my fair share of emotions.  For me because I have been ‘still’ for longer and not rushing around due to work, family, etc I have felt more of a connection with myself. Although that has come with quite a few tears and various emotions. I have felt angry, sad, but then on my roller coaster ride have felt alive, grateful, energised and motivated.

What has worked well:

Since week 3 of lockdown I decided that I wanted to ‘get things done’ I started to view this time as a gift not to be wasted, so I made a plan of all of the things I wanted to achieve.  They comprised of ‘spring cleaning, decluttering, working on my business, exercise, meal planning, paperwork, looking at bills and changing suppliers.

Since week 4 of lockdown I decided to look at my health routine, I started to watch what I ate, stopped drinking alcohol and also participated in daily exercise. I have found that Joe Wicks’ free classes have been great and It’s given me a reason to start a routine at the beginning of the day.

What hasn’t worked so well:

Personally, I have quite enjoyed the lockdown apart from the obvious. For me in the beginning of lockdown I watched a lot of T.V and ate what I wanted too. It felt like a little holiday, but then I began to feel tired, had no motivation and then I started to feel bored.

I do have to watch the time, as now I can work for much longer as I feel excited and motivated!

How I feel in comparison before lockdown to now:

I have always felt connected to myself; I reflect daily and practice meditation, but I didn’t feel like I have enough hours in the day to work on my business. Lockdown has given me this time; with I am grateful for. I am also grateful that I feel that my relationships are stronger and I feel connected with friends and family at a deeper level.

Tips that has helped me:

>Journal – writing my thoughts and feelings on paper helps my head to feel lighter. It can help to calm my thoughts go around and around.

>Gratitude – writing as least 3 things that I am grateful and thankful for helps to change my thought process.

>Flip that switch– every time I have a negative thought (internally or externally) I change it into a positive thought

For example- I can’t do this today……………… I am finding this difficult today, but I am going to do X to start with

>Meditation– this helps me to connect with my breath and the now. It reminds me that I am alive and am meant to be here in this beautiful world.

>Have a plan for the day– for me having a plan, helps to keep me motivated, I keep it simple so I can achieve it

>Connect with my inner child– I do something daily that I love doing, kicking leaves, walking, painting, drawing, getting messy while gardening or cooking.

>Exercise and healthier eating– This has helped me, as what I was putting into my body wasn’t helping how I felt internally.  I view my body as my container or vehicle – if I don’t look after it and feed it with rubbish, this is how I will feel.

>Listen or read something to help me grow as a person– I love learning and being the best version of me that I can. Listening or reading motivational books or podcasts really help me to know I am here to live my purpose.

Why I am volunteering?

I wanted to volunteer for Mind a while ago.  I wanted to give something back to people that were struggling and I felt that my experience would be useful and helpful.  I know this was my time to give back beyond myself, not materialistically or financially but in time, energy and being supportive to people that need it.  I know that organisations are stretched and having volunteers massively helps to reach more people.

I thought volunteering for Mind would also teach me something about me and I would learn something from my mentees as I always think that we can grow and learn as a person.

How this is it working via phone calls?

I personally would prefer face to face contact as for me I like to see someone’s face, expressions, pick up on their energy etc, however I have found that talking on the telephone is still a connection. I have enjoyed the experience and I look forward to speaking with my mentees.

What feedback am I getting from my mentees?

I have had positive feedback and have been told that I have really helped my mentees. Talking through their thoughts and working out what will work for them going forward has made the calls ‘enjoyable’ (their words)

‘You are not broken, You are working out how the pieces fit together’

Much love

Nicki x