Our Golden Bold Virgin Money London Marathon 2020 runner!

We are very excited to announce Kirsty Matcham from Welling will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon representing Mind in Bexley!

Please see Kirsty’s story:

“I am so excited to be representing Mind in Bexley during next years Virgin Money London Marathon because honestly without their help and support this year I don’t think I would be here. They truly have saved my life! I want to ensure everyone in Bexley has the support and respect they need and deserve. I never want anyone in my local area to experience what I have been through.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with depression, which had been an underlying issue since witnessing a hit and run. I got through this depressive episode with support from Mind in Bexley. I attended support groups for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), trauma-focused CBT, followed by one to one counselling. After completing all these sessions I felt back to my old self and everything was perfect.

Fast forward to 2019 and this year has seen me face several unpleasant and difficult events in a short time. Leading to me struggling to cope and having some extremely low times. I thought if I just smiled, acted normal and turned to the gym everything will be ok, things would change. How wrong was I!

I’m a very closed person and don’t like letting people into my life, saying how I feel or showing emotions. Yet I was an emotional wreck and one weekend in May it all got too much. My mum and dad insisted I went to my doctors and ask for help. My doctor confirmed I was having a mental breakdown and relapse of depression. I needed to increase my antidepressants and be referred back to Mind in Bexley. I felt like I was back in the past having to admit I needed help again. Accepting this help wasn’t easy.

I’m currently completing an interpersonal therapy (IPT) 16 week course with Mind in Bexley. It has honestly saved my life! I’ve accepted I have a mental illness that people can’t see, it isn’t always noticeable, yet it is treatable. It’s ok to have bad days but I don’t have a bad life. Depression isn’t my fault, I’m not a bad person. There are loads of social support out there and opportunities to take. I’ll probably always be on antidepressants but it’s just like taking any other medication, my body needs it.

Anytime you’re not feeling great or feeling down and alone like I was, please know you’re never alone! Help is out there for us all. Just by opening up to one person, a family member or close friend can change the way you feel. I want to help others, donate and raise awareness of what amazing support and advice Mind in Bexley offer for people in Bexley. They have saved my life and can help save a lot more people!”

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