IAPT Services Overview

Mind in Bexley’s service model is an IAPT-compliant, stepped care model including primary care counselling services, operating from a central hub location at Mind in Bexleyheath Broadway.  
The service provides Psychological Therapy services for people experiencing mild to moderate Depression and Anxiety. All adults registered with a Bexley GP are eligible. Exclusion criteria are clients presenting with: a) severe mental health problem more suited to secondary services; or b) at risk of self-harm or harm to others.
The service is open until 8pm on three days, and also on Saturday mornings, enabling people to attend outside of normal working hours.
Being Well in Bexley (IAPT) services are also delivered from several GP surgeries across the borough. Currently, the Being Well in Bexley (IAPT) service is also being delivered from several children’s centres in the borough, ensuring that parents of babies and young children can access services in an environment specifically compatible with their needs.