We worked with the Mental Health Lead for Bexley CCG and GP at Barnard Medical Group, Holly Hutson, as well as BVSC to deliver a series of webinars on topics the CCG were keen to promote.

  • The first webinar focussed on the importance of the annual health check.
  • The second explored how to get mental health help when needed and explained which services are best suited to emergency and non-emergency situations.

The webinars were promoted through a variety of channels including text messages to patients via their GP surgeries.

29 Attendees

Local relationships strengthened through in-partnership working

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  • The webinars were a particular easy resource for GPs to promote to their client lists via SMS and on their websites.
  • Recording the webinars for YouTube and promoting on our social media platforms was a great way to increase the reach.
  • Inviting guest speakers had the added benefit of improving relations with new and existing local partners.

“Thank you so much for the presentation yesterday. All the presenters were great – explaining in simple (sic) and slow way to understand. At present I am struggling and found it very, very useful.”

Webinar Attendee

“This was a good way to reach our patients who usually would not engage with the surgery. They find online webinars good as they can engage in their own time.

Sending them links to webinars helps patients to understand that we do understand their condition and we are pro actively seeking ways in which to help them.”

Bexley GP Practice

Webinar Poster 1:

Let’s talk: The importance of the annual health check

Webinar poster 2:

Help! How to get it when you need it