The Digital Accelerator Project was keen to shine a light on the needs of clients with severe mental illness and to explore new ways to address gaps in their care, through digital and other means.

As part of the project we wanted to provide an opportunity for these often voiceless individuals to be heard. We invited them to share their lived experience as well as suggest lessons to be learned and recommendations for future advancements.

We interviewed four clients and captured their insights in the Digital Accelerator: Life Stories Research.

The following were their recommendations for future work:

Improve training for GPs and staff around mental health in general

Improve information at the point of discharge

Question the efficacy of your communications and look at how that can be improved

Always question if client contact is useful and necessary or just plain intrusive

Do not offer online interventions at the expense of in-person initiatives. There is a need for both

Don’t underestimate the power of counselling

Improve access to GPs and Psychologists for patients who need it most

Make sure your gatekeepers have the training and support they need to filter patients/clients appropriately

Respect an individual’s history. It affects the kind of care can that be given and received

Don’t criminalise mental illness; not explicitly, not implicitly

Find what works and work with that

Read the Life Stories research below for more information.

Life Stories Research