Social prescribers aim to address people’s needs in a wholistic way, through non-clinical means.

One of the ways we could support the social prescribers to help individuals with their mental health challenges was to provide them with a small suite of literature:

  • The first leaflet was a general introduction to the Digital Accelerator project and opportunities
  • The second was a short leaflet to promote the importance of the annual health check and educate clients on how and where to get that done.

It was important for us to explore every avenue to reach this cohort.

2 Educational leaflets designed and distributed

2 Presentations to social prescribing team

Another avenue for reaching the “hard to reach” explored


  • The hard-to-reach aren’t unreachable. More effort is required to find their touchpoints and a bit more persistence needed to engage them, but they are there.
  • Diagnosis isn’t currently captured by the Social Prescribers which can make targeting difficult. This is an area for future work.

Importance of annual health check leaflet

Digital Accelerator project introduction