Mental Health Awareness Week


THE WAR I SURVIVED It must have been a particularly close and loud explosion that caused my eyes to open. Staring blankly around I somehow knew I’d been curled up like this for quite some time. The surroundings were at once familiar yet completely alien and unrecognisable, more like a foxhole or an old bomb

CEO Story

Mind in Bexley's CEO Story for Mental Health Awareness Week Our Chief Executive David Palmer talks about Mental Health Awareness week and shares some of his own experiences and how he overcame some of his struggles.

Drawing during lockdown

Drawing during lockdown I planned to start drawing after the lockdown but a member of my family brought me art materials and paper to start drawing at home. I used to draw when I was younger, so it is not new to me. It is a long time since I have done any drawing.

Hope & Recovery By Dina

Hope & Recovery By Dina. According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of Recovery is as follows - ‘A return to normal state of health, mind or state’ ‘The action or process of regaining possession or control of something lost or stolen’. Recovery can be used in different types of sentences, from a vehicle recovery

Rebecca’s Blog

Rebecca's Blog Firstly a bit of background. Before corona, I was only managing to leave the house on a Monday for Minds woman’s group. Boom corona struck, I suddenly felt trapped inside my house. Everyday was the same, wake up, worry, loneliness, boredom, blah ! Then I found Minds zoom groups, yes the first few

What helped me during lockdown

What helped me during lockdown Who I am: I’m Nicki, I’m a mum of 2 grown up girls, I have 2 step children. I am married. I am a Creative Arts Therapist working in schools and privately. I am also a parent and mindset mentor, offering support for parents to have a positive relationship with

Volunteer Story

Volunteer Story About 6 years ago I was struggling with my own mental health, often didn’t feel worthy and always felt in low moods and was very unhappy. Our own mental health and wellbeing is so important as we know. To change the way, I felt pretty much daily, I had to be open to

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