Low-Cost Counselling

Are you suffering from depression and / or anxiety?

Would you like help?

Lo costMind in Bexley offers low-cost counselling services for people experiencing mild to moderate Depression and Anxiety. All adults (over 18) registered with a Bexley GP are eligible.

The service is open to individuals who have completed a course of treatment with the Mind in Bexley IAPT service and require extended sessions.The service may also be open to those who do not meet the suitability criteria for the IAPT service.

Low-cost counselling is delivered by qualified and trainee counsellors. The service is available to clients by arrangement in the daytime, evenings and Saturdays (subject to availability); operating from a central hub location at Mind in Bexley

Our Charges

Our policy is that clients will be charged as follows: where clients are unwaged or on benefits, the charge is £5.00 per session, and where they receive a salary, at £20.00 per session. This will be discussed during the first telephone contact with a low cost coordinator.

Clients will be charged in advance for each session that is booked for them. If you do not attend for 2 consecutive sessions, you will be automatically discharged from our service. If you are going to be away on a planned holiday, we need 4 weeks’ notice of this in advance.

A number of sessions will be agreed with each client who can choose to attend weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis up to a period of 6 months (to be reviewed after this period).

Payment details will be finalised at the point of treatment


Suitability criteria for low-cost counselling

• To have completed a course of treatment with Mind in Bexley IAPT and need extended sessions
• Or does not meet suitability criteria for Mind in Bexley IAPT service

When another service maybe more suitable for your needs:

You may not be suitable if you have a mental health diagnosis (such as bi-polar or schizophrenia), have difficulties with alcohol or drugs, are at risk to yourself or others – please see our Help information page. Please also contact your GP who can arrange a referral to a more suitable service for you.

Please note that If you are currently receiving support from another service, such as Oxleas Community Mental Health Team or are seeing a Psychologist/Psychiatrist at a Secondary Mental Health service locally or at a specialist service (for example at The Maudsley or the Bethlem Hospital), or if you have a booked appointment with them, then you will not be able to access our service until you have been discharged from that service. Please speak with your GP and/or the Community Mental Health Team/your psychologist / psychiatrist, if you are
interested in our service, and they will let you know if our service is suitable for your needs. If you are still unsure whether we are a suitable service for you, please contact us and we will advise you further.


What happens once we receive your referral?

• You will be contacted by a low-cost counselling coordinator to discuss your needs. Fee charges and number of sessions will be agreed at this stage.
• A telephone triage or face to face assessment will be offered to assess the suitability for low-cost counselling within the remit of our selection criteria.
• Successful clients will be allocated a therapist who will contact them to arrange session times.

Low cost counselling leaflet