Carers Support

Carers supportMind in Bexley provide emotional support, peer support activities and information and advice to relatives and friends caring for someone over the age of eighteen and experiencing Mental ill health and/or drug and alcohol problems in Bexley.

Being a carer for someone can be isolating and demanding, both physically and emotionally and can put extra strain on you, especially as you have to carry on with your own life as well.

Being responsible for someone else in addition to managing your own life can be a significant strain. The needs of carers are often overlooked especially when the needs of those they are caring for are more obvious or immediate.

Even if you manage your responsibilities effectively you may, at some point, need support, empathy and a space to talk. You may just need extra support during difficult periods such as behaviour changes in the person that you care for due to illness.

If you feel you may benefit from Carers Support you can self-refer by telephone.
Phone: 0208 303 5816 (Option 4)

(office hours and 24 hour answering machine)

Carers Well-being Event Flyer